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Catch up on our project news with the Floodplain Babbler!

The fifth edition of the Floodplain Babbler is now online. Stay up to date with our project news!

Floodplain heroes – Meet Shannon O’Brien, the owner of Murray River Adventures in Cohuna

Meet Shannon O’Brien, as he shares his love of Gunbower Forest, kayaking and bringing more people on board to protect our floodplains.

VMFRP fact sheet now available in 8 languages!

The VMFRP fact sheet has been translated into 8 languages so that culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities can access project information.

Read all about it in the Floodplain Babbler!

The fourth edition of the Floodplain Babbler is now online. Named after the noisy and gregarious Babbler bird, this quarterly newsletter will keep you updated on our planned work to restore nine much-loved Murray River floodplains.

Floodplain heroes – Bringing back the bittern at Murrabit West

Our floodplain heroes series features local people doing amazing work to restore floodplain spaces along the Murray River. Meet Ken and Jill Hooper who are returning their property at Murrabit West to a series of wetlands surrounded by bushland and open grasses.

Meet the team – Susan Saris

Say hello to Susan Saris, the Environment Team Leader at VMFRP project partner, Lower Murray Water! Susan’s two passions are walking and canoeing and she loves getting out onto the floodplains.

Birds flock to Murray River floodplain wetlands across northern Victoria

Birds are flocking to Murray River floodplain wetlands across northern Victoria following recent deliveries of environmental water. Hattah Lakes, Gunbower Forest and Lake Wallawalla are just some of the wetlands benefitting from environmental water ‘top ups’ , helping them spring back to life.

Meet the team – Tim Nitschke

Tim is responsible for making sure that water gets delivered efficiently to all his customers. When he’s not working with water, he can be found relaxing on the water – Tim is a keen fisher and can often be seen around the Kerang Lakes on a weekend.

Floodplain heroes – Meet Braeden Lampard from OzFish

Read our floodplain heroes series about local residents doing amazing things to restore and maintain floodplain health along the Murray River. Meet Braeden Lampard, OzFish Program Manager for the Murray–Darling Basin.

Field in Focus presentation series now online

Our Field in Focus series is designed to give the community some early insights into the work and observations of some of our specialists. Watch the first of our technical presentations.

Monitoring Black Box at Hattah Lakes

Ever wondered how to tell if Black Box trees are doing well? Join David Wood, ecologist and program manager for The Living Murray at Mallee CMA, as he walks through the Black Box trees at Hattah Lakes.

Victorian Murray Floodplains webinar now online!

If you missed out on our recent webinar, you can watch it online at Find out how the VMFRP will enable Victoria to meet its commitments to the Murray–Darling Basin Plan objectives while balancing the needs of all Victorian water users.

Floodplain rescue mission sparks local interest

SWAN Hill and Nyah residents have shown keen interest in Victoria’s plan to save priority Murray River floodplains, with more than 100 people taking time to learn about projects planned for the Nyah and Vinifera Park.

VMFRP colouring collaboration winners announced!

The prize winners for our colouring collaboration have now been announced. We loved seeing all the creative ways that you coloured our amazing floodplains!

EES/ER technical studies under way across all VMFRP sites

Our technical specialists are currently busy assessing the benefits and potential impacts associated with construction and operation of the planned VMFRP works. These technical studies give us critical information to ensure we maximise all benefits and appropriately manage any risks.

Meet the regent parrot

The distinctive yellow and green regent parrot can be found across the Murray River floodplains in north-western Victoria. We spoke to Alex Holmes, terrestrial zoologist and fauna lead for VMFRP, to find out more about this popular bird.

Mallee CMA starts ecological monitoring program at seven VMFRP sites

Mallee CMA will soon be starting an ecological monitoring program to support the Victorian Murray Floodplain Restoration Project (VMFRP).

Enter our colouring collaboration and you could win a $50 hamper from the Mildura Chocolate Company!

Keep the kids busy these school holidays with our colouring sheets and enter our competition for a chance to win a yummy $50 Mildura Chocolate Company hamper and colouring pencils.

DELWP releases scoping requirements for the EES process

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) has released the final scoping requirements setting out the matters to be investigated under the environmental assessment process for the nine VMFRP sites.

Gunbower floodplain community group off to a flying start

The first of two local VMFRP community advisory groups has hit the ground running. The Gunbower National Park VMFRP Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) includes community members and forest users from across the local area.

Have your say on the EES process

Have your say on the draft Scoping Requirements for the Lindsay and Wallpolla Islands EES and the Hattah Lakes North and Belsar-Yungera EES. Both are open for public comment from 23 April until midnight on 14 May 2021.

Submissions open 23 April on the EES scoping requirements

The draft scoping requirements for four of the proposed Victorian Murray Floodplain Restoration Project (VMFRP) sites will be released this Friday 23 April on the Engage Victoria website.

EES scoping requirements to be released in April 2021

The Minister for Planning is currently developing ‘scoping requirements’ for the environmental assessment process for the nine VMFRP sites.

Putting the call out for community input into floodplain projects

Expressions of Interest are being sought from community members, forest user groups, Traditional Owners, and industry representatives keen to provide advice and input into two proposed VMFRP sites in north central Victoria.

Expressions of interest for Stakeholder Advisory Groups for Guttrum-Benwell and Gunbower projects

Expressions of interest are sought from interested community members, forest user groups, Traditional Owners, and industry representatives to participate in two separate VMFRP Stakeholder Advisory Groups.

Community central to next step – environmental assessment process

Victoria’s effort to restore and protect nine areas of high-value Murray River floodplain will prioritise community engagement and consultation, as it moves into the formal environmental assessment process.

VMFRP East projects environmental pathway released

Victorian Planning Minister Richard Wynne has advised the two east Victorian Murray Floodplain Restoration Projects – at Gunbower National Park and Guttrum and Benwell state forests – to submit comprehensive environmental reports as part of their next stage. Read more here.

Environment assessment process decided

The VMFRP has been formally advised of the outcomes of the environmental referrals process for each of the nine projects.

Nyah-Vinifera online community information session

We held an online community information session on 29 October 2020 to discuss the projects planned for Nyah-Vinifera Park under the Victorian Murray Floodplain Restoration Project. Nine community members attended and generously shared their time to learn more about the projects and ask questions about a range of topics. The presentation given at the meeting […]

Community questions for Guttrum-Benwell

A response to common community questions for the Guttrum-Benwell site has been released.

Nyah-Vinifera project update released

Find out what’s been happening at Nyah-Vinifera Park in the latest project update.

All environmental referrals submitted

Referrals for all nine projects have now been submitted to the Victorian Government and the Commonwealth Government. The referrals outline key details of the projects, as well as how any environmental impacts will be managed while achieving significant ecological benefits.

Victorian and Commonwealth referrals made

This month, we have submitted some more Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC Act) and Environmental Effect Act (EE Act) submissions to the Victorian state and Australian commonwealth governments. See their websites (below) for more information.

May 2020

We have been working on our submissions for the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC) submissions to the Commonwealth government and also our Environmental Effects Act (EE) submissions to the Victorian State government. These proposals will be made public on the Commonwealth and State websites for everyone to see and so further engagement and comment on the project can occur

April 2020

We are continuing with our works on all the planning and design aspects for our nine projects. We are also continuing to have engagement sessions with Traditional Owner groups in the regions where the projects are planned for.

February 2020

Key activities that are currently underway are:

  • Community engagement with Stakeholder Advisory Groups has occurred during the month
  • Meetings with industry groups
  • Review of project area designs
  • Cultural Heritage Management Planning underway
  • Ecology assessments underway
  • Engagement with adjoining landholders continuing

December 2019

Project Fact Sheet

See our latest project fact sheet which provides a summary update on the Victorian Murray Floodplain Restoration Project

Click here for our fact sheet

November 2019

Key activities that are currently underway are:

  • Survey and design for the required works in each of the 9 sites,
  • Landholder consultation about the projects’ proposed outcomes is being undertaken in localised areas,
  • Flora and fauna surveys across the proposed areas to be rehabilitated have commenced,
  • General community and stakeholder engagement underway,
  • Cultural heritage management plans are being established,
  • Social Media channels being utilised to distribute current information about the overall project.