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February 2020

Key activities that are currently underway are:

  • Community engagement with Stakeholder Advisory Groups has occurred during the month
  • Meetings with industry groups
  • Review of project area designs
  • Cultural Heritage Management Planning underway
  • Ecology assessments underway
  • Engagement with adjoining landholders continuing

December 2019

Project Fact Sheet

See our latest project fact sheet which provides a summary update on the Victorian Murray Floodplain Restoration Project

Click here for our fact sheet

November 2019

Key activities that are currently underway are:

  • Survey and design for the required works in each of the 9 sites,
  • Landholder consultation about the projects’ proposed outcomes is being undertaken in localised areas,
  • Flora and fauna surveys across the proposed areas to be rehabilitated have commenced,
  • General community and stakeholder engagement underway,
  • Cultural heritage management plans are being established,
  • Social Media channels being utilised to distribute current information about the overall project.