15 December 2021

Meet the team

Say hello to Tim Nitschke, the Distribution Assistant Manager West at VMFRP project partner, Goulburn-Murray Water!

Tim is responsible for making sure that water gets delivered efficiently to all his customers. When he’s not working with water, he can be found relaxing on the water – Tim is a keen fisher and can often be seen around the Kerang Lakes on a weekend.

How did you end up working in this space?

I did a degree in natural resource management many years ago. I see water as the source of all life – it grows and sustains our world. So, it’s been a natural progression to end up in my current role.

What do you love about your role?

I love the diversity of my role. I’m never doing the same thing every day.

Have you got any projects that you’ve particularly enjoyed working on?

I really enjoyed working on our Connections Project. It was a massive modernisation of Goulburn-Murray’s irrigation network to make it more efficient. Some of the water savings recovered will be provided to the environment. This project will make our irrigation networks sustainable into the future.

Do you spend much time on the Murray?

I love fishing. I spend a lot of time on the surrounding rivers and lakes around Kerang. I own a small tinnie and a larger boat. I often fish with my wife, but also with other friends – a lot of people in our community have come out fishing with me.

How did you get into fishing?

My father took me fishing when I was young. I really enjoyed those times and I’ve carried that on.

What’s your favourite fish to catch?

I catch a lot of redfin and Murray cod. The cod get released back into the river, but we can keep the redfin. They’re an introduced species which prey on native fish – luckily, they make a tasty dinner for my family!

What do you love about floodplains?

The thing I love the most is the changing environment. In Australia, we can have flood, fire and drought. The floodplains are forever changing depending on what’s happening in the environment. It’s such a diverse landscape with huge biodiversity. After a flood or rainfall, the floodplains are magnificent – everything is green and fresh, with abundant wildlife and plants.

What’s something interesting people do not know about you?

I’m a member of Sports Chaplaincy Australia. I work as a sports chaplain for Kerang Football and Netball Club. Sports chaplains are there to help people in their time of need. During football and netball season, I’m on hand during trainings and matches – if anyone needs to have a chat, I’m there. I’m also trained in grief and loss counselling and can provide support during critical life events.

What do you think about projects like VMFRP?

With my natural resource background, I see these as vital projects to ensure the long-term sustainability of our natural environment. Our human influence has altered our environment. Projects like VMFRP help us to restore the balance.

Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) is one of six partners responsible for implementing the VMFRP. GMW will be responsible for operating the proposed infrastructure and moving environmental water on and off the floodplains at Gunbower National Park and Guttrum and Benwell forests. Visit www.g-mwater.com.au.