4 December 2022

Listen to the Direction Hearing for Environment Effects Statement: Hattah Lakes North and Belsar-Yungera

The Standing Inquiry and Advisory Committee (SIAC) held a Direction Hearings by Zoom video conference on 28 November 2022 to prepare for the Hearing for the Environment Effects Statement: Hattah Lakes North and Belsar-Yungera.

The Hearing will commence in the week beginning Monday 16 January 2023. A Hearing timetable will be issued shortly. The Hearing gives people an opportunity to speak in support of their written submission. It is open for anyone to watch and is anticipated to run for three to four weeks.

The SIAC has issued Directions outlining when certain information should be provided by parties during the process and how it should be provided to the Committee. The Committee Directions can be found on the Tabled Documents page on the Victorian Government’s engagement website

To view submissions and find out more about the next steps, visit