Planning Scheme Amendment process

Each municipality in Victoria is covered by a planning scheme that regulates the use, development and protection of the land. A planning scheme can only be changed by a formal amendment process. This usually consists of public exhibition of the draft amendment, followed by a panel review and submission to the Minister for Planning for a decision.

The works planned under VMFRP trigger several planning approval requirements. Draft planning scheme amendments are currently being prepared for the Campaspe, Gannawarra, Swan Hill and Mildura planning schemes. They will be exhibited concurrently with the EES and ER documentation later in 2022, giving the community an opportunity to have their say.

Draft planning scheme amendments are one part of a package of approvals needed before VMFRP construction can begin.

For more information on the planning process in Victoria, visit the DELWP website.

Projects also need several secondary consents/approvals including approval from Parks Victoria / Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change under section 27 of the National Parks Act 1975 for the project to undertake works in parks.

Have your say

If you have any thoughts or questions on the draft planning scheme amendment, email the project team at and we’ll put you in touch with the right person.