The Victorian Murray Floodplain Restoration Project (VMFRP) will get much needed water back onto nine high-value floodplains along the Murray River. Without this water, these iconic landscapes will continue to decline – along with the many native trees, animals and plants that depend on them.

Floodplains and wetlands have been increasingly disconnected from the Murray River over the years with population growth and river regulation. The VMFRP plans to remove blockages that stop water flowing into creeks and implement options to manage water effectively and efficiently on the floodplain at the nine sites.

This water will bring new life and help these nine ecologically significant floodplains to survive and cope with future dry conditions and drought, so they can continue to be enjoyed by future generations.

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Community central to next step – environmental assessment process

Victoria's effort to restore and protect nine areas of high-value Murray River floodplain will prioritise community engagement and consultation, as it moves into the formal environmental assessment process.

VMFRP East projects environmental pathway released

Victorian Planning Minister Richard Wynne has advised the two…
Regent parrot nesting in River Red Gum hollowMallee Catchment Management Authority

Environment assessment process decided

The VMFRP has been formally advised of the outcomes of the environmental referrals process for each of the nine projects.

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